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NEWS 07/2024

High Speed railway Messina – Sciglio & Forza D’Agro’ Pj

Exciting progress at the Forza D’Agrò site! The TBM shields assembly is underway, marking a significant milestone in the Giampilieri-Fiumefreddo Lot 2 subcontract for the Consortium Messina Catania (JV Webuild-Pizzarotti).

This ambitious project involves the excavation of twin tunnels for Forza D’Agrò and Letojanni, spanning almost 13 km and including a passage over the Fondaco Parrino viaduct. The specially designed EPB TBM, with a 9.32-meter boring diameter, is part of the cutting-edge “Green” generation and is powered by high-efficiency PMSM motors on the main drive – a first in the industry.

This is a key step toward enhancing connectivity between Messina and Catania through state-of-the-art high-speed railway infrastructure.

NEWS 18/04/2024

High Speed Messina Catania-Sciglio and Forza D’Agrò Lettojanni

On April 9th the first Green Dual Mode TBM began excavating the even track of the 9,16 km long Sciglio Twin Tunnel project, part of the construction works for the Messina Catania new railway line, Lot 2. This TBM will excavate in sequence the even and odd truck twin tunnels for a total of 18,3 km.

NEWS 09/03/2024


Seli Overseas celebrated the breakthrough of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) at the end of it’s underground journey spanning approximately 9.55 kilometers and passing through 9 stations, contributing to the connection between Houari Boumédiéne Airport and the existing El Harrach station.

The TBM, named Karima, made the breakthrough to reach shaft PV0 in the presence of representatives from Seli Overseas, the Algerian Minister of Transport, the contracting authority Cosider M28, and the client EMA.

Since commencing operations, the TBM has achieved a maximum daily production rate of 30,27 meters and a maximum monthly production rate of 600.45 meters in just 31 days.

NEWS 28/02/2024

Lonato Tunnel Project

AV/AC Torino-Venezia Road Section: Milano-Verona Lot: Brescia est – Verona. On February 28st, the TBM Martina completed the second drive with the final breakthrough of the Lonato Tunnel. This is the critical work this for the completion of the Milan-Verona section of the new High Speed Railway line connecting the city of Turin with Venice. The Lonato tunnel includes two tubes of 4.8 km each and the related completion works. The project was awarded to SELI Overseas, a Webuild Group company, by the Concessionaire, Cepav 2, and has been excavated by a 10 m diameter EPB TBM with an average production of 16 m/day. This result is particularly relevant when considering that it was obtained in a complex geology, predominantly glacial moraines with boulders embedded in materials with low cohesion under shallow covers. The important achievement testifies the experience and specialization of SELI Overseas in mechanized tunnelling, which is unequaled in the world A last effort now remains to complete the ancillary works, connecting tunnels and niches, to deliver the finished work within the contract time limits.

NEWS 13/10/2020

COCIV – Radimero Gallery

In the construction site of the Radimero tunnel, a critical work for the realization of the project of the Third Railway Pass of the new Milan-Genoa line, the second TBM modified was started to allow the safe advancement in formations in which the presence of asbestos is locally expected. The start of the second TBM follows a positive test period with the first TBM used in the project, which allowed to test and fine-tune equipment and procedures. This is a pilot application in the world for this type of technology.

NEWS 1/10/2020

Algiers Metro – Line 1 – First puncture

SELI Overseas drilled the first station of the Line 1 project of the Algiers Metro. The 10.5 m TBM CREG TBM exceeded expectations on this first trip. SELI Overseas is continuing in its extraordinary effort to keep all its projects safe despite the COVID emergency still hitting hard in most countries. Special thanks go to the company’s staff and workers who made this first result possible. Finally, it should be noted the efficient collaboration with the Algerian company Cosider, general contractor for the entire metro line.

NEWS 24/9/2020

COCIV – Serravalle Tunnel

SELI Overseas completes the excavation of the first of the two tubes of the Serravalle tunnel, a critical work of the Terzo Valico railway project that will connect Genoa and its port with Milan and Europe. To carry out the work, EPB TBM excavation technology was used in geological areas at and beyond the normal limits of application. This required a great deal of industrial craftsmanship in the most critical steps, a skill for which SELI Overseas and its specialists are world- renowned.

NEWS 31/7/2020

New award

SELI Overseas signs a contract with Concessionaire Cepav 2 for the Lonato tunnel, a critical work on the Brescia-Verona high-speed railway line. The contract, worth more than €200 million, concerns the building of a twin-tube tunnel with a diameter of 10 m and a total length of 9,500 m (2×4,750) to be carried out using EPB TBMs. This new contract is in addition to the three high-speed tunnel contracts that SELI Overseas has in place for the construction of the Terzo Valico with the Concessionaire Cociv, and confirms SELI Overseas as the leading specialised company in Italy and worldwide in the construction of tunnels using mechanised excavation.

NEWS 6/4/2020

New award

The tender for the CEPAV DUE consortium for the mechanised excavation of the “Lonato Tunnel” was won by Seli Overseas. The tunnel, almost 5 km long, is the most challenging work on the new Brescia East-Verona high-speed/high-capacity railway line.

NEWS 19/3/2020

COVID-19 emergency

SELI Overseas, which has been at the forefront of worker health and safety for 70 years, is committed to the prevention of Coronavirus infection on its sites and in the areas where it operates, giving this goal top priority over all output-related and economic considerations.

NEWS 11/2019

Algeria Underground – Algeria – Progress of works

The cutter head has been mounted. The TBM is almost ready to begin excavation.

NEWS 21/10/2019

Berger Point – New York – USA

The excavation phase with the TBM in its temporary configuration (pipe jacking) of the Bergen Outfall Tunnel was successfully completed. During the 130 m section, 10.5 m of daily progress was achieved.

NEWS 7/8/2019

Berger Point – New York – USA

Naming ceremony for the JV OHL-POSILLICO-SELI OVERSEAS’s Mixshield TBM which will be used for the excavation of the tunnel under the Great South Bay as part of the $187 million project in New York State.

NEWS 29/7/2019

Berger Point – New York – USA

On 29 July, Seli Overseas, together with its joint venture partners, began assembly operations of the TBM supplied by Herrenkencht for the excavation of the Outfall Replacement Tunnel in Babylon, New York. The TBM is scheduled to be lowered into the excavated shaft using the freezing technique and operations for pipe jacking, with operations to commence in the second week of August.

NEWS 15/6/2019


The Herrenknecht S-979 TBM on the Radimero lot was re-started, bringing to four the number of TBMs operated by SELI Overseas for the construction of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi of the new Milan-Genoa line.

NEWS 15/4/2019


SELI Overseas acquires a 58% stake in the Radimero project (Terzo Valico dei Giovi) from Toto Costruzioni Spa, increasing its stake in this important contract worth €183 million and involving two 10 m diameter EPB TBMs.

NEWS 29/3/2019


The excavation of the Finestra Val Lemme connection chamber was restarted after SELI Overseas took over the project.

NEWS 15/1/2019

TBM Inauguration

Inauguration of an EPB TBM measuring 10.5 m in diameter, built by CREG-WIRTH for the Algiers Metro Extension Project of which SELI OVERSEAS is a sub- contractor.


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NEWS 18/12/2018

Corporate Communication

Seli Overseas has acquired the tunnel business belonging to Grandi Lavori Fincosit Spa. In addition to the technical and human resources, expertise, experience and track record of works performed, the branch includes approximately €400 million worth of works for the Serravalle and Val Lemme tunnel lots that are part of the HS/HC Milan-Genoa railway line (Terzo Valico). Corporate communication.

NEWS 19/11/2018

Corporate Communication

Please note that, as of 15 October 2018, SELI Overseas S.p.A. is controlled in usufruct by Salini Impregilo via SELI TUNNELING DENMARK ApS. The acquisition of SELI Overseas aims to strengthen the presence and commercial relationships in geographical areas of interest to the Salini-Impregilo Group, as well as acquire technical tunnelling expertise.

NEWS 11/2018

Contract Extension – Los Condores Project – Chile

Extension of the technical consultancy contract for excavation with two TBMs (the 1st TBM a double shield, the 2nd TBM a crossover) for the excavation of the adduction tunnel of the Los Condores Hydroelectric Project in Chile. The extension was agreed until July 2019 and for a total value of €700 (total contract value €2,500,000).

NEWS 11/2018

Progress of works – Algiers Underground – Algeria

The TBM will be ready at the end of February at the Creg plant. It is expected to be in Algiers by the end of April, ready for assembly to start excavating by 15 July next year.

NEWS 11/2018

Progress of works – Bergen Point – New York – USA

Start of freezing of the TBM starting shaft (10.6 m internal diameter, 35 m depth approx.) and inauguration of Herrenknecht TBM.

NEWS 1/2018

New award – COCIV – Italy

SELI OVERSEAS, in a temporary grouping of companies with TOTO, was awarded the tender by the COCIV Consortium for the “Cociv HS/HC section – Terzo Valico dei Giovi – Valico Section (Radimero)” project, which consists of the excavation of the Base Tunnels for a total length of about 7.2 km for each tube with two EPB TBMs.


WTC Bergen

NEWS 12/2017

Acquisition of the “Bergen Point WWTP Outfall Replacement” project in New York with a joint venture composed of OHL USA, POSILLICO Civil Inc and SELI OVERSEAS.

The work involves excavating, lining and backfilling the segments with Mixshield TBMs for approximately 4.3 km of tunnel.

NEWS 18/3/2017

SELI Overseas confirms its leadership in mechanised TBM excavation in Laos

On 18 March 2017, SELI Overseas completed the 11.4 km excavation of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy tunnel in Laos. A Double Shield Universal TBM made by Terratec (Tasmania) measuring 5.84 m in diameter was used to build the tunnel in accordance with SELI Overseas specifications and concept design. The tunnel was completed three months ahead of the contractual schedule with record output exceeding 1,000 metres/month. The tunnel, lined with prefabricated hexagonal elements, is part of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric plant. This mega project, carried out under an EPC contract (engineering, procurement, construction) by the Korean company SK E&C, will produce energy for Thailand and Laos. The complex geology of the project and the tight completion schedule required SELI Overseas to make use of its 67 years of experience in tunnelling as well as its technicians and specialists, known worldwide as the best teams for mechanised tunnel excavation.

NEWS 16/1/2017

Start of operations – Mosul Dam – Iraq

Underwater inspection operations have begun at the Mosul Dam undersluice works.




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NEWS 30/6/2016

New record

In June 2016, 824,438 metres of tunnel were excavated and lined at the Lao construction site for the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric project. The highest daily peak was 47 meters. The progress reached in June is 5438 metres compared to a total tunnel length of 11,455 metres. This leaves 6,017 metres to go.

NEWS 1/5/2016

End of excavation

On Sunday 1 May 2016, the TBM6 finished excavating the Doha Gold Line project tunnel at the Al Aziziyah portal with a maximum monthly output of 920 m, which can be considered a record for an EPB TBM. This TBM was the last to leave and the first to arrive! Drilling took place two months earlier than planned.

NEWS 12/4/2016

TBM Inauguration

On 12 April 2016, a new double shield TBM was inaugurated at the Terratec plant. The TBM has a diameter of 9.86m and will serve the Vishnugad – Pipalkoti hydroelectric project in India, a 12 km long tunnel. Excavation will begin next July.

NEWS 24/2/2016

New drilling

On 24 February 2016, the TBM6 drilled the Sports City station in Doha in the Gold Line project. 1614 m were excavated in 73 days with an average of 22 m per day.


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NEWS 8/11/2015

New record for SELI OVERSEAS

On 8 November 2015, SELI OVERSEAS drilled the Al Wabb Station in Doha in the Doha Metro Gold Line Project, achieving a record output of 625 m excavated in one month.