Our Mission

Safety in tunnelling thanks to technological innovation

For SELI OVERSEAS, its mission coincides with the very reason behind its foundation in 1950, namely to improve the environment and work safety in tunnels through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Three generations of engineers and technicians have developed new technologies as part of iconic projects on all continents.

Our Vision

We see a world in which the development of underground works is functional to the development of the external environment, and where the construction of the works themselves is a tool for training, technological development and innovation.

We work to mechanise and automate all operations that currently require manual intervention, employing highly specialised workers and technicians who can operate in absolute safety in a less demanding environment.

Our Values

In its work, SELI Overseas S.p.A. focuses on creating value for all stakeholders, through careful management of the corporate risk profile and conduct that is always correct and transparent towards all stakeholders.

All employee base their everyday actions around the Ethical Principles that represent SELI Overseas S.p.A.:

SELI Overseas S.p.A. promotes legality, honesty, fairness and impartiality in all conduct within and outside the company, developing relationships of trust with customers, business partners, suppliers and all other stakeholders.

SELI Overseas S.p.A. adopts the utmost diligence in carrying out any negotiation, agreement or business activity.

SELI Overseas S.p.A. uses all the tools necessary for clear, complete and timely communication and makes every effort to ensure that its stakeholders can make informed, mindful decisions.

SELI Overseas S.p.A. promotes sustainable development through the quality and excellence of its works and by pursuing ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders, based on respect for human and employment rights, protection of the physical and moral integrity of workers and safeguarding of the environment.